jueves, 22 de agosto de 2019

Arousal in your back

I love you like a cat laying upside down,
Laying upside down, I love you
Gioconda Belli

There is a path that my eyelids follow while sleeping.
Quietly, I bring my body closer to your back,
looking forward each of your body freckles to turn it into a kiss.
I breathe you from the neck to your hams.
There is a scent in you that arouses my most primitive instincts.
My tongue knows she owns you.
Gently, you wake up.
You purr like a cat laying upside down.
You stir under my fingertips.
Our lips begin their own dialogue.
Until I get rid of them and look for your neck.
Then, I slowly down by your belly.
I make a pause in your belly button,
to finally sink between your legs
and weave a labyrinth with invisible threads.
You shudder.
You are seed and river.
You, my feline.

Pilar Escamilla Fresco

(Translated by: Luis Martínez Arnal)

Original Spanish version: Despertar en tu espalda

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