jueves, 31 de octubre de 2019

Count your body spots

you know
that you can count on me
Not up to two or even ten
but count on me
Mario Benedetti

Let me count your birthmarks
tonight, my dear,
under the embrasure of the dreams;
and under the protection of my bedroom
I can tame your fears
while you kiss my wings.

Cover yourself with my hair,
tousle my scars.
You must know, my dear,
that wend one's way
is a trail of honey and basil,
and that since February
I long for your shadow every night
behind all my curtains.
Companion, don’t forget
to draw the shape of my hips,
to scratch my back bones one by one,
to make my groans sprout
that at dawn whisper to you:
"Come, my dear, come to my side."

Don’t cover the silence of your steps,
don’t disguise your fatigue,
don’t stop looking for me.
Because my dear, we have built
a viaduct from your balcony to mine,
so that we can flow
hand in hand
and without tolls ...
Let’s not forget about it.

Pilar Escamilla Fresco

(Translated by: Luis Martínez Arnal)

Original Spanish version: Contar tus lunares